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12/7/2018 10:51:54 AM

Lost my xbox live account and want to reclaim my bungie profile.

Hi, my xbox live account was deleted a while back (almost a year), and i would like to recover my bungie profile/account (for destiny 1 and destiny 2). Is this possible to do?, I would really like to keep my progress and my years of destiny stats that i had worked hard for. I can give information in relation to anything to do with the account and the gameplay side of destiny. I have reaquired the same email address used for sign in (as it was deleted and i created a new account), however the xbox live gamertag is different as i am affraid if i make it the same i will loose my destiny 2 progress. I know the bungie account still exists as i can search my old gamertag and see my characters from destiny 2. Note: I could not recover the xbox live account as it had been deleted for over 90 days, and hence was instead forced to create a new one with the same email address. If bungie or anyone could help that'd be great. Thankyou

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