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As a Titan main since the glory days in destiny 1 I personally feel that something is missing from titans in d2. This being the beloved bubble in its original glory I.e weapons of light. I have a simple rework idea that could bring back the bubble in its full glory and make top tree sentinel as viable and important as top tree hammers I.e melting point. Completely Replace sentinel from top tree with ward of dawn which buffs players with both weapons (35% buff) and blessings. Is this extreme? Yes unfortunately and at first it sounds like a lot of people would be annoyed about it BUT hear me out, ever since commander was introduced no one can deny that it has the best add clear and damage potential in both pve and pvp (regarding sentinel as a whole) plus no one can deny that it can block sooo much damage compared to the tiny top tree shield. This is what I think titans need to reclaim their role as the 'defender' of the team. I simply can't stand another minute of watching warlocks do all the support that we once did in destiny 1 (no hate to warlocks I'm happy you guys are in this state 🙂 ) please vote and share your thoughts with me. Notes* helm of st 14 could now stack a second blessing of light on players that enter the bubble. People will say just use banner shield for the damage buff, let’s get real about this it’s only a 25% buff and it requires a player to be COMPLETELY unavailable to do damage. Plus honestly I find it very boring to just stand around and stare at a boss when I could be utterly destroying him with my team.

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