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Feedback (Crucible, Black Armory, The Farm)

WEAPONS Exotic Changes; D.A.R.C.I. and Legend of Acrius should be moved to the special slot; In PvE, They do not provide the necessary punch needed to consider them powerful, in PvP, having them be available only to heavy boxes provides an inconsistent experience, with them holding no define advantage over other weapons that are similar. General Weapon changes Precision Assault Rifle's +2 Damage per Shot Adaptive Assault Rifle's + 4 Damage per Shot High Impact Assault Rifle's + 5 Damage per Shot Rapid Fire Assault Rifle's + 4 Damage per Shot High Impact Scout Rifles + 10 Rounds per Minute Precision Scout Rifle's + 20 Rounds per Minute Lightweight Scout Rifle's + 10 Rounds per Minute All Sidearms for PvE (they have a great Time to Kill in PvP) 50% increase in damage SMG's 900 RpM Sub-machine Guns -> 950 / 1000 RpM 600 RpM Sub-Machine Guns -> 650 / 700 Hard Truth's increase Impact by +2 Sniper Rifles +20 in Handling for all Trace Rifles Start at 75 "Bullets," pick up at minimum 25 shots, 40 max in PvP The Farm: Put a shooting range there that has Cardboard Cuttouts similar to what policemen use in their shooting ranges, the location could be in the little cellar that is unreachable under the hangar, and it features changeable health / damage modifiers, for example Raid Enemy health + a modifier or 2 that increases damage, or player health in Crucible that can have the resilience be tinkered with Black Armory Forge: Decrease the recommended power to 580 Matchmaking Competitive matchmaking is separate from Quickplay; Quickplay has its own hidden rank that increases based on how well you do in matches (not Your Win / Loss Ratio, make it how well you do, like your k/d (kills/Deaths) (not KDA, or Kill/Death/Assists)), Comp: Either do a separate Rank similar to the previously mentioned Quickplay, or completely re-work it to start at a set number (1000?) that raises and lowers based on if you win / lose the match; Party Size is also determined (if you are only one player, get matched up with a team that has at least only one solo player (example; if you are on a team that is 3 people in a fireteam and you as a solo, the other team must be the same)).

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