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12/4/2018 5:22:12 AM

Collection And Triumphs should be Bungie Account wide

So I can't Imagine I'm the only one. Started D2 at launch on Xbox One (Maybe you started on PS4), but recently moved to playing on PC. The only thing holding me back from being fully committed to playing on PC all the time is that; I cannot access my collection of things I've had since launch, including but not limited to that fancy collectors edition sword, prosecutor trails gun and shaders, and some other retired armor and shaders, and that I don't have a synced triumphs page, which has triumphs imported from D1. I can understand not being able to port characters and having to buy the dlc again for PC, but I don't understand why the collections and triumphs can't be synced. I hope I'm not the only one who wants this, I really think this would allow players some relief if they want to change where they play the game. It's not a big detail, but I still feel this is important.

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