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11/29/2018 2:23:12 PM

Destiny The Collection Hard Copy DLC Codes

Hey Bungie, I Finally Got An Xbox One After Being Stuck On A 360 For A Long Time! I Transfered My Account To The New System And Downloaded TDB, & THW DLC. For Some Reason The Taken King Didnt Download Which Sucks But Its Whatever. So To Get To My Question, I Bought Destiny The Collection(New) On Amazon And Was Curious If The DLC Codes For The Taken King, & Rise Of Iron Would Still And Valid Or If They Would Be Expired By Now? I Should’ve Thought About That When I Bought It But I Was Just So Excited To Finally Experiance MY FAVORITE GAME OF ALL TIME With Enhanced Xbox One Graphics And Now I’m Stressin About Not Even Being Able To Play It And Having To Spend Another $50-$60 In Order To Play It. Just Let Me Know What The Verdict Is. I Would Really Appreciate It Guys! Thanks, & God Bless! -Cody

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