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10/27/2018 3:14:35 AM

Sisterhood of Guardians [SSTR] is Recruiting [PS4 | XBOX | PC]

Are you a female gamer looking for a community to call home? The Sisterhood of Guardians is dedicated to providing a positive, friendly, and engaging Destiny experience for female-identifying players. The Sisterhood has been supporting the international female gaming community since Destiny Year 1 by providing a social network with clan options on all available platforms. As a part of the Sisterhood community you'll be able to connect with other ladies around the world through our private social network on Band. There you can join community events, post pictures, participate in contests, share strategies, and help each other achieve victory over the darkness! Once you arrive you may join one of our clans, but it is not required. Regardless of clan affiliation, we are always glad to meet new SSTRs! The Sisterhood community is LGBT friendly, all ages, any skill level, and always recruiting. HOW TO JOIN: Check out our Group page at for our code of conduct and FAQs; apply through our Google Form application: (Please make sure your account is set to accept messages so we can contact you about your application). Good luck out there Guardians!

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