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It's been busted for over a year now since implementation and still not fixed. I reported these issues on december 12th, 2017 and have repeatedly reported the same issues since then with every expansion release it has yet to be addressed. The "rainbow screen" on detection issue is still 100% there as seen in the attached video. The "too dark" issue is still there. You can see in the screenshots linked below when HDR is on, the shadow areas are so dark it loses any and all detail which is not how HDR is supposed to work. I can post more comparisons if necessary. The destination map can hardly be read in some areas when HDR is active. This isn't right. Every other game developer that has an HDR feature in their game works perfectly with no issues. I own at least 13 other games that all have HDR and they do not make a rainbow vomit screen when HDR is detected, nor do they look like someone used a black sharpie on my screen to color in shadows. This is not due to my display as many others are having the same issue with different brands and models of TV. C'mon now, this is inexcusable from a company as large as this. It's downright incompetence at this point.

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