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11/23/2018 7:47:12 PM

New loot for escalation protocol and Blind Well

With the release of Forsaken, I feel we all moved to doing blind well instead of escalation protocol. Contrary to escalation protocol, blind well doesn't have any meaningful gear to grind for and relic weapons to have fun with. It's such a shame that we're leaving the Valkyrie + Hive swords on mars, and instead we get harmony orbs that recharge our supers... Perhaps, with the release of black armory, could we get some new loot for escalation protocol to grind for, since we are getting new weapons. Rasputin might want to buff/ create new weapons for us to wield and test. Maybe some kind of new pinnacle quest for this activity could good as well. Integrating the loot threshold mechanic for weapon and armor loot could be great as well, such as each time you clear wave 7 but didn't get the weapon, you have additional chance to get it in your next run until you finally get it. Let me know what kind of weapon or boss ideas do you have for a revitalized escalation protocol. :D

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