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11/22/2018 3:02:09 PM

Escalation Protocol Needs Reworked

Finally after 37 attempts on the final boss alone, and a lot of grinding and failing on said boss - I got the Ikelos SG. (I must have ran it overall about 100 times in the last few weeks) My problem currently with this event is the difficulty to run what was designed as a 9 man event with only 3 people. We should be able to at very least coordinate teams of 6 for this. Or just have EP as a playlist that pops you into Mercury as it's own thing with the right amount of players. Another issue with EP is with public events and farming other things, you often get caught up in the EP farming. Which see my above point, it would make more sense to break this out into it's own instances. If none of the above can be done easily, please just scale down the difficulty to complete the event. Remove the need to go back 1 step on failure or at completion of the boss. And on the final Ogre remove the exploding thrall heal mechanic, thats a bit ridiculous. The end chest and the keys also need a higher drop rate and/or should be obtained quicker by simply just cashing in your tokens with Ana Bray or drop from a boss kill. I hope this finds you well, i hope you can agree on at least a few points there and please feel free to comment with further constructive feedback.

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