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Bearbeitet von Bull: 11/22/2018 2:22:57 PM

Suggestion: Changes to Escalation Protocol / Wayfarer Title

Hi, I am one of the players who returned to the Destiny Franchise with Forsaken. I am actually working on the Wayfarer Title and its pretty damn grindy for anybody who did not play the content as it has dropped but a rich while later. I absolutly have no problem with grinding out the diverent planets, collect materials and stuff to acquire all the needed armor sets to get the medals which are needed for this title for hours and hours. I can do this solo, no need to motivate other people to help, no problems. But there is the Escalation Protocol stuff you need, too. I mean, I totally understand why by the time it was launched the sets where timegated (u can only build 1 chestkey per week per char, if I´m not mistaking) and not that easy to acquire, but now it is very brute for dudes like me. EP isnt that interesting anymore so its hard to find people to play it with over the course of several weeks and I personally think it gets old relativly quickly. The loot is unrewarding and underwhelming. The looks of the armor is cool, but the actual ones are all better due to the perk changes, so really nobody does this just for fun, nor for loot, nor for... anything. The time it was the actual endgame contest maybe it was okay, but I highly would like to see it reworked a little bit, maybe? -One possible option would be to simply remove the Timegate, so u can stack multiple keys for the wave 7 chests. You could do this solo and use them if you are lucky one day, find a random group doing EP on the higher waves so you can chash in multiple keys in a short(-er) amount of time. -Second suggestion would be to remove the keys completly so u can obtain a chest after each Final Boss clear or to add the fully charged keys to another waves (or even the same) Bosses loot pool? -Third possibility would be to remove these chests completly and add the armor to the planetary loot pool or Anas sellout. -And last but not least: maybe just remove this special armor set as a requirement for the collectionmedal. I mean, this would be very easy for my personal task to get Wayfarer, but I think even this move would not be a great issue for the guardians who did this to achieve this title since, I think, most of them did this anyway in year one but would help people like me a lot. Would be very nice to think about this and if anything is unclear with my english: sorry, not my mother tounge. ;)

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