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11/21/2018 8:12:15 PM

Wavesplitter: the bane of PS4 crucible players





Worth looking into


If ever i was prompted to make the swap to PC Destiny now is the time. While the PC and xbox communities may be unfamiliar with this weapon or how broken it is in it's current state i'll provide some numbers. Currently Wavesplitter is the fastest non-instant time to kill weapon on PS4 with an average time to kill ranging from .7-.44 seconds depending on the power level of the beam. You spawn with 50 ammo which is more than enough for 2-3 kills and receive 12 ammo per special ammo pickup. This paired with the recent buff to trace rifles and auto rifle armor perks now applying to this weapon has made it an incredibly stable and powerful weapon. Now if we look at the most difficult to obtain and most powerful pvp weapons: Luna's Howl/Not Forgotten you may see the issue at hand. Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten share the same numbers while the latter has better stats pulling in a minimum 1 second time to kill and an average 1.3 second ttk. Wavesplitter is obtained as a random loot pool exotic and has nothing but RNG keeping someone from obtaining it. I'm not saying that exotics like this shouldn't be powerful but i do not believe this gun was ever intended to kill this quickly in pvp. I feel like the issue is not being addressed or taken seriously because of it's exclusivity to PSN players and yet if it stays this way we will soon have a competitive ladder similar to the Trials of the Prometheus Lens and we all know how well that was received. Poll: Do you agree this doesn't seem balanced?

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