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11/15/2018 7:13:23 AM

The sixth coyote invisibility build theory...

Alright I have a potentially good hunter build for you guys. Ok so first is choosing the class where you get 5 second invisibility from dodging. You equip the sixth coyote to give yourself another dodge. 5 class ability mods bring your dodge cooldown to around 9.4 seconds. Equip a leg piece with perpetuation on it for 1 second dodge cooldown on dodge use. Allright... so you use your dodge for 5 seconds of invisibility then at the tail end of the duration you dodge again to keep the invis going. In theory by the time your second dodge invisibility expires, 10 seconds will have elapsed and a third dodge will now be available. That makes for a total of 15 seconds of invisibility....please let me know if anybody has created a build like this or if this works in practice as it does in theory because this potential build sounds very fun! Especially with the quickfang sword to cosplay as a spectral assassin!

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