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Hang Man 3 Times as Daily Heroic Adventure this week?

Just how skewed and broken is your RNG system, Bungie? This week the Flash Point is Tangled Shores. We have 7 possible adventures that could be done during this 7 day event. What do we get for daily Heroic Adventures? We got 2 days in a row of "The HangMan", followed by 2 days in a row of "Mad Bomber" followed by "The Trickster" and on the last day we get "The HangMan" again. I don't remember what was on the first day. So we had duplicates in 5 (possibly 6) of the 7 days! Just how fornicating incompetent are you? And before someone asks why this is an issue, their are Triumphs for the Tangled Shores that are tied to specific Adventures, and Adventures only are available when the Tangled Shores is the Flash Point! You want me to pick up the Season Pass and give you more money when you won't even allow me to play the content I already paid for? Think again.

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