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11/5/2018 9:12:01 AM

My HONEST thoughts on Gambit's catch up mechanics (and TIPS on how you SHOULD be playing to win)

Just hit my 3rd reset for gambit starting at 0 points today after winning every single game not a single loss. On top of that every single match was a shutout victory, the "catch up mechanics" did absolutely nothing for teams that don't know how to really be efficient and don't properly use their supers/weapons, or just don't use the correct gear in the first place. Ive seen a lot of people complaining about the catch up mechanics in gambit, and how it is rigged and unfair and nearly impossible to win the 2nd round if you win the 1st, or how you should never summon the primeval first. [b]So here is how you should be playing gambit to win.[/b] If you are losing matches or rounds, Its not the game. Its not the "catch up mechanics" Its not "rigged" Its poorly chosen load-outs and poorly chosen times to deposit motes. [b]You don't want to be running around constantly trying to get 15 motes[/b]. (unless you need to for a bounty) You want to be depositing smaller amounts, 5 - 10 and try to always deposit before the other team does. (this one i see constantly) [b][u]You don't want to be stealing motes from your teammates[/u][/b], if you see a teammate with 4 motes or 9 motes and you have 1, let them get their last mote so they can deposit and stop trying to run for the same mote that someone else is already going for, it is wasting time and costing your team. If your in a fireteam with other players, have 1 or 2 focus on collecting motes and the others focus on killing. If you are a solo player let your team collect motes and just go on a hardcore killing spree. [b]INVADE ASAP[/b] Get those motes to the bank, get to 25 as soon as you can, deposit a bunch of blockers before the other team does pick up that heavy and wipe them clean! [b]DON'T WORRY ABOUT GETTING 5 MOTES WHEN YOUR TEAM HAS 24 BANKED[/b] seriously if your team has 24 motes, grab 1 go bank and go kill. The more time you spend trying to find more motes and ignoring that portal is more time the other team has to collect and bank. [b]Use the right supers[/b] HUNTERS, forget about tethers and arc staffs, use blade barrage 100% of the time. It does MASSIVE damage to the primeval, especially when you have slayer 3 or 4. TITANS, use melting point. seriously. WARLOCKS, chaos reach for primeval DPS or nova warp for ad clearing/invading inspect your teammates and tell that dummy to stop using thundercrash. :( Once you get slayer 3 or 4, all of you use blade barrage/chaos reach/melting point SERIOUSLY YOUR PRIMEVAL WILL DIE IN 3 SECONDS (kill those damn envoys btw) [b]Now lets talk about Loadouts[/b] Decent kinetic weapons to use 1. Bygones 2. bows 3. handcannons (malfeasance is decent) Why bygones? if you have a bygones with killclip you know damn well how fast that thing kills, especially if you are 600 light in a light advantage playlist. If you don't, go buy it from the drifter. Why bows? 1 shot kills against ads, and high damage against guardians, remember this is a pve/pvp mode when you are invading people wont be at full health, so basically you pull that string back and bam bam bam bam team wipe? yeah that just happened (thank those pesky screebs for the assist) Why handcannons? all around high damage and decent range, can 1 shot ads and do decent damage to invaders. The malfeasance is EXTREMELY effective against invaders, 1 shot will literally delete an invaders overshield and 3 shots will kill, maybe 4, + added DPS to blockers and the primeval. But the downside is you cant use an exotic heavy which in most cases is a game changer. Decent energy weapons to use 1. IKELOS shotgun 2. IKELOS shotgun 3. IKELOS shotgun 4. ok so you dont have the IKELOS shotgun, well any full auto shotty will do Why the IKELOS shotgun? i mean this thing does the damage of 9000 SCREEBS! + full auto shottys are very handy while invading/killing the primeval Decent heavy weapons to use 1. Sleeper 2. Queenbreaker 3. any linear fusion rifle 4. Tracking rockets with cluster bombs 5. colony Why Sleeper? High damage to Primeval, like very high. Also great for invading and 1 shotting enemy supers Why Queenbreaker? Aim assist, very large precision hit box, very low charge time. Downside, its not a 1 hit kill unless its a precision shot and unlike the sleeper it doesn't do massive damage to the primeval Why linear fusion rifle? have you played gambit? Why rockets? good damage and good for ad clearing/invading Why colony? simple. it chases your prey so you don't have to. Having armor with perks that go with your weapons is extremely helpful, you also want heavy and special ammo finder perks on anything you can get. If you can get something that has a perk for more super energy with certain kills, that's great to. [b]HOW AND WHEN TO USE YOUR WEAPONS AND SUPERS[/b] If you are primarily an invader save your energy ammo, pick up that heavy. You don't want to be invading get rushed by someone and say "welp i only got 1 shot on my ikelos" You want to have enough ammo to wipe that team. period. If you arent an invader... shotgun every damn thing that moves bam bam bam bam when you are clearing ads with the Ikelos shotgun, you are clearing ads just as fast as a super would. (and good chance you'll get more special ammo to drop) BUT SAVE A FEW SHOTS FOR BLOCKERS/PRIMEVAL if you are using a linear fusion rifle, save that for invading/killing invaders dont shoot SCREEBS with that heavy ammo. If you have sleeper and have shots left when your primeval spawns use those when you get slayer 3 or 4 (after you kill the invaders) usually the first wave of any round has the least ads, if you are going to use a super to clear ads do it on the 2nd wave. and no don't use your chaos reach to clear ads cmon. blade barrage can be used to quickly clear a wave but make sure your team still has their supers before you use yours, you don't want to get to your primeval and have no supers because you used them on ads, the other team will catch up and use their supers to win the round. (to be clear. You want MORE than 1 super for the Primeval, at least 3 to kill it in less than 5 seconds.) Learn your maps, there's secret portals on maps that take you around to the other sides (except for that earth map) and you know that big drill of death? yeah that's a secret portal. Very helpful when invading or escaping invaders (or killing invaders) If your team is ahead by 30 or 40 motes when you summon your primeval and you all have supers, 1 or 2 of you spawn camp your invaders, learn where they spawn and sit right there with that trusty ikelos shotgun, "YOUR BEING INVADED" noooope he dead.... and meanwhile the rest of your team is killing the envoys before you head back to DPS the primeval. If the enemy team is about to have enough motes to invade, don't run around and try to get 15 motes go right to the middle with your 5 motes, instantly kill the blockers they send over and deposit the motes, the invader will be sad when there is no motes for him to steal. IF YOU CAN SUMMON YOUR PRIMEVAL SUMMON IT. DON'T KEEP COLLECTING MOTES. You think that large ogre is going to stop the other team so drastically they wont win? It takes 6 shots from the ikelos shotgun to kill one which is like 3 seconds? Way less time then you just spent screwing over your own team buddy. As for invading tips... don't waste your super unless you absolutely know your going to kill 2 or 3 people from the other team while all of them have 15 motes. You need that super for your primeval. Common crucible tip. Don't peek if you have low health, take the 3-5 seconds and get full health again, i know you feel rushed because you're on a 30 second timer, but peeking with low health = you dead rather then taking a few extra seconds to heal then get 1 more kill. + the guy you are trying to kill is probably getting shot at by ads and not healing. Try and stay hidden as an invader, you are a bright red glowing ball of death, don't let them see you coming. If you are facing a fireteam and 1 of them sees you, the entire team knows where you are and will teamshot you. Once you kill 1 person change positions because that person just told his team where you are. Even if you are facing solos they probably saw that bright line of blue/red light just fly across the map from your position with that linear fusion you're using, and they definitely just saw that guy die. Ive seen people say before "Do not invade instantly when the other team summons their primeval let them start damaging" WRONG WRONG WRONG. I mean sure the logic behind this is decent you want to be able to heal the other teams primeval. But no, invade instantly once that other teams primeval spawns they are probably using heavy and special ammo, maybe even a super to kill those first 2 envoys. You invading and being able to kill that super or making them use special/heavy trying to kill you is less ammo they have to kill the envoys and their primeval. Oh and remember when i said no tethers? Some guy ignored that and just tethered what just spawned with the primeval, and his teammate just popped a super to kill everything. You are invading? With sleeper? BAM tether guy is dead, BAM guy that just popped his super is dead, other 2 teammates are frantically running away because they didn't think anyone was going to invade right away!! What just happened? That tether was wasted and so was another super. Meanwhile your team spawned your primeval and followed these steps. 1. spawn primeval 2. kill envoys 3. (maybe kill a 3rd and 4th envoy) 4. melting point primeval 5. 3 people blade barrage primeval 6. watch primeval die in less than 3 seconds 7. win match 8. come to forums and find the other team complaining that "catch up mechanics" are to blame and not their bad setups and bad strategy. If you are 30 or 40 motes behind the other team because a few of you died with motes, follow these steps and you'll still win

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