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Exotic drop rate is lower than in Destiny 1?

I remember back in Destiny 1 where Gjallarhorn or Icebreaker took me around 6-7 months to get the drop for the first time. I know, it's supposed to be hard to get but come on, it gets frustrating. Nowadays, on Forsaken, Exotic drop is insanely low, about what? 0,01% drop rate? does our accounts have a luck delta variable that determines how lucky we are ??? how do you guys manage RNG? how is explained that some people get 2-3 new exotics every week and some get none since Forsaken was released? I was kinda lucky in the very first weeks, i think i got 2 new exotics or so, rest were year 1... but now, i haven't gotten any exotic in like 2 weeks or more. Some of my friends do get exotic, but all are Year 1. I try everything, farming Strikes with Fireteam medallion and Vanguard Boons, farmed PvP QP and Competitive a lot, i even got my Not Forgotten, not even 1 exotic was dropped out of those matches. Even attempted going boss farm on Dreaming City Challenge Knights. Nothing was dropped so far. And AFAIK, by reading the forums, i see a lot of people under the same circumstances. Is this low rate going to be fixed any time soon?

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