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10/28/2018 4:31:18 PM

Comp Bans for Destiny Errors.

Listen Bungie I get being stacked against because poor matchmaking and losing a 5 winstreak because I decided to duo and get matched with potato teammates. Fine whatever. I just got put in 2 comp matches where I didnt even get to play. One was an infinite loading screen so we all backed out and got a warning and lost 50 or so comp points. Then we idiotically reqeued and got the same glitch but bonus I got Quailed and Comp banned...for “Abandoning” an inifinate loading screen. (sat there for 10 minutes before the error code by the way) I just want to know if you have any plans for making comp a decent game mode? I love ranked games and all but one so fundimentally broken shouldnt get pinnacle rewards or allowed access. 1 If im rated 500 elo above someone else maybe I shouldnt be paired with potatos also bonus dealing with a 700 to 800 point higher elo player. I didnt sherpa competitive on LFG why am I backpacking? 2 When it comes to ranked most games have a mercy system or Bonus system. Either in 3 v 4 decide to reduce the elo lost or give a huge bonus for winning it. If its a 2 v 4 maybe just reduce the elo loss. 3 If YOUR game is the issue try not to pawn it off as the players networking. 4 I think I speak for everyone on this one...FIX comp, Take a long look at the forums and better competitive titles and take some notes. I left R6 to play crucible even as broken as it is...Telesto, Sniper shotguns. I can deal with your inability to balance the game with the amount of random guns and perks it has. I cant do anythig about the games RNG matchmaking and Fail to start. Ive lost so much elo I was 1963 almost to my Lunas howl and your matchmaking seemed to purposely screw me over. When I finally decided to just have a more relaxed run at it I get 2 games that get me suspended. The amount of Elo players lose to Failure to starts and Bad matchmaking makes your system look so flawed most people go...mmm no. So do us all a solid for your competitive lovers, Fix it, not all at once (Im not asking miracles here) Start with the Failure to starts and work your way in. I hope this didnt come across as negative slander towards Bungie. I love D2 I loved D1 but much like loving a person not sharing the problems and bringing them to light can only end in one way... If you care to fix my account id be appreciative. If not well at least fix the system and Ill handle the rest. Thank you.

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