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10/17/2018 4:33:32 PM

I Got Luna's Howl and So Can You... Probably

That's right, I got the Luna's Howl last night! I'm the best that ever was and there's no one that can beat me! Wait... that's not even a little true. I'm just your average Destiny player. I'm not going to say that everyone can get this gun, and I'm not going to say that getting this gun was super easy. What I will say is this; If you have a mic, a couple free hours a day, and a positive attitude, then Luna's Howl is within your grasp. (A positive KD doesn't hurt) The total grind took me two weekends and a couple hours every day after work during those two weeks. I got sick of playing 6v6 on maps designed for 4v4, so I made the switch to competitive. 4v4 with D1 ttk's? Yeah, I may never play quickplay again. There is an adjustment period and your stats will suffer, but I find it way more balanced and enjoyable. Here are the most important lessons I learned during my journey. [b]LFG, LFG, LFG, oh and LFG.[/b] Are you playing solo? Yeah you! Stop it! Just stop! I solo queued my way to ~1750 glory. Then I caught a 5-6 game losing streak. Two of those games loaded in as 3v4, and another one ended that way after a teammate bailed when he saw we were playing a 4 stack. Bungie matchmaking is... let's go with bad. The best way to get around this is to always run with a team of four. Best of all? Other 4 stacks are so afraid of matching another stack, that they will aggressively back out when the search bar jumps from 4/8->8/8. When they do this, there's a chance that your team will load into an empty lobby. FREE WIN BABY!!! As a solo player, LFG is your best friend. People who say that it's hard to use, that it's a joke, or that it doesn't work. Trust me, they don't actually use it. I use LFG from my xbox and it is super easy. You can browse other people posts, create your own, or better yet; both at the same time. After my clan died I used it for raids, nightfalls, the whisper quest, crucible, you name it. You don't need an account and you don't need to download an app. Just go to the D2 icon, go to the right of it, and hit A on "looking for group". [b]A Gentleman's Agreement[/b] If you hate playing against the Telesto, then don't use it yourself. I've found that there is this unspoken rule in competitive. If you are all running shotguns, the opposing team will do the same. If you switch to a sniper and get some picks, someone on the enemy team will do the same. If you use telesto or the colony, then prepare to have it thrown right back at you. My team had some crazy 4v4 sniper battles last night because other teams were matching our loadouts. Play with whatever loadout you want, and apologize to no one. Just don't be surprised when you get a taste of your own medicine. [b]Play for the Streak[/b] The entire grind for Luna's howl is waiting for that one long win streak. If you ever feel like you aren't making progress, remember this one fact: 0-2100 glory can be done with a 30 game win streak. Will you get a 30 game streak? No. Can you get a 5 game win streak. Most definitely. A 5 game win streak is worth way more points than the loss of a 5 game loss streak. Don't get discouraged over every loss. Keep your chin up, head in the game, and play for the streak. If you're tilted and playing bad, just step away. A couple back-to-back wins will put you right back in it. I was able to get my 5 game win streaks following some simple rules: 1) Smother heavy spawn 2) Avoid playing after 9:00pm 3) Always have a full fireteam [b]Plant Your Butt on Heavy Spawn and Fight[/b] If you control the heavy ammo, you win the game. Period. Last night we had a 10 point lead, and lost by nearly 30 points after losing the heavy spawn. Heavy ammo spawns way too frequently and is one of the few viable methods for shutting down an enemy super. If you get the first heavy brick, use it to control the heavy spawn area until the next one. This is one of the most frustrating things when it's happening to you. It's frustrating because you know that the heavy weapon is the only reason the enemy team is winning. I'll pop my super just to keep the enemy team off of heavy, it's just that important. Bungie needs to decrease the spawn rate of heavy, or move it farther away from zone B in control (Seriously, what were they thinking?). Until that day, control heavy and control the entire game. XXXXXXXXX Thanks to everyone who made it this far. Sorry if you've heard it all before, but if any of this is helpful, then I've done my job. You can get Luna's Howl! Good luck guardians, I'll see you in competitive.

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