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10/15/2018 9:27:05 PM

HDR looks worse than normal graphics (PS4 pro).

I see that there is currently a know issue concerning HDR (see below) but it doesn't seem to address the issue I am seeing. When HDR is turned on it looks really bad compared to having it off. The graphics look washed out, less detailed, and appear as if a white filter is masking everything. I don't think the brightness level would help make the graphics any better here. It just looks really bad. Is this something that is being looked into? Is a fix on the way? Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks for reading. Here is what is currently listed as the known issue with HDR. HDR Brightness Settings: Adjusting brightness within Destiny 2 does not properly change brightness when using HDR features. It is recommended that players adjust the brightness of their display in the case that the game is either too bright or too dim. We are seeking to address this issue in a future release.
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