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[PS4] Facts // PvP // 2kd+ // READ below please

[b][u]Make sure to reply with or dm me your link[/u][/b] [b][u]Application Requirements[/u][/b] • Discord 📱 (must be active in it) • 2+ KD preferred in Overall Comp / QP ⚔️ • Non-toxic 🚫 • ~75% Win ratio preferred • Decent amount of [i]hours put in/games played[/i]. - If on a new acc tell me your old one • Be active ⚡️ • Stay loyal [b][u]Secondary Clan requirements[/u][/b] • Discord • 1.8+ kd preferred I’ll let you know the rest of interested If you're a chill, [i]talented[/i] player looking to join a clan feel free to message me & I’ll see what I can or can’t do. Toxic players will get slapped with a ban the first time they display that kind of behavior bc it [b]won’t be tolerated[/b] Stats if you’d like to know [b]Discord: aaron#9645 psn: IssaAaron[/b]

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