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10/9/2018 4:33:40 AM

Whisper of the Worm

I am garbage with it ... It feels so much harder to use the Black Spindle. Can anyone answer the following: 1. How many seconds do you have before you cannot activate white nail? 2. How do you use it effectively? Any advice for using it effectively in the bouncy house of flinch we call Destiny 2? I would appreciate feedback so much, because it is looking like I will probably just be setting it the vault if I can't improve. Commentary: In Destiny 1 there were relatively few enemies with the ability to disrupt placement/positioning, in Destiny 2 it seems like every boss, and at least 60% of the adds can displace you or cause massive screen disruption, or flinch. I am constantly getting flinched or bumped out of position more than enough to prevent me from landing a third crit in time, if at all. Adds and bosses also expertly take cover after 2 hits, so it seems like 90% of the time I just have a high impact sniper monopolizing my heavy slot. Feels like I wasted my time getting it, tbh.
#feedback #tips

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