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The HDR issue on PS4 pro report.

Seems you finally seem to be realizing there's an issue after almost a full year. [quote]• HDR issues: We are monitoring reports where players who use HDR are having issues.[/quote] I first reported this issue in December of 2017 and it's still the same issue which still hasn't been fixed so I'm going to report it again as you're now "monitoring" reports. What happens is when you switch the display to HDR, or if it's active when you start the game and the game detects the option on startup, the screen spews forth a rainbow of colors all over the display. No other game with HDR support does this, only Destiny 2. There have been others who have messaged me about the same issue and actually thought they had a defective TV, but it is not. It's being caused solely by the game itself. This is happening on all different makes and models of television and isn't exclusive to one brand/type. I have included a link to a youtube video showing this. The issue happens at exactly 0.09 seconds when it detects HDR, at 0:56 when i turn it off in the game settings, and again at 1:04 when I reactivate it in the game settings. Also when HDR is active the colors on screen look washed out and just terrible. Again, no other game I have that supports HDR have any issues whatsoever and look fantastic on my display. Here is a list of games I own that all work properly with HDR detection and display: Horizon Zero Dawn Last of Us Remastered + Left behind Ghost Recon Wildlands God of War Deus EX: Mankind Divided Far Cry 5 Final Fantasy XV Ratchet & Clank Infamous: Second Son Monster Hunter World Uncharted 4 I have tried switching the ps4 system color settings between automatic and full with no difference. I have tried other modes on my television besides gaming mode and still no difference. My television is a Sony XBR-55X900E. It is hooked up directly to the tv from the ps4 with a high speed HDMI cable. I have tried both HDMI 2.0 and 2.1 (which it currently uses) and still the same issue with only this game. All others listed above are fine and work appropriately.

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