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Sparrow Flying and Destabilizers in D2

TL;DR: D1 sparrow flying method doesn't work in D2, even with Destabilizers and Enhanced Dodge Sparrow flying was the only thing that kept me playing destiny during the dry spells for most of D1; flying up and down the Vault of Glass, in the Terminus and across the Mothyards and Hellmouth. I can still fly using the D2 method, but it's just not the same. It feels slow and rigid. Seeing that the 'Destabilizer' perk on sparrows make a return was one of the primary reasons I returned to the D2. Using the perk to fly just didn't seem to work. Even after hunting for a sparrow with both Destabs and Enhanced Dodge, it still didn't feel right. Turns out the dodges don't move the sparrow during destabilizers. This along with the sparrow auto uprighting itself, just makes flying difficult. Bungie, why did you make this change? Is it because you don't want us getting/exploring outside the map like we used to in the Terminus? I would like to see the lateral dodges work during destabilized sparrows like before please. Sparrow flying is not game breaking or unfair, it's just fun.

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