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9/29/2018 7:08:05 PM

Strike Playlist Completely Inaccessible

I recently picked up Osiris and Warmind, and decided to play through the main campaign again as a Titan. After rushing through the main content, I dug into the DLC and finished them up. I was going to start running Strikes from the playlist in order to clear Vanguard and Eververse bounties, when I noticed that on my galaxy map the strike playlist icon wasn’t there. I switched over to my character that I played a year ago, a warlock, and the strike playlist was there, completely accessible. For whatever reason, it seems like the issue is for my Titan. I don’t remember going to Zavala in the farm as my Titan in order to unlock the playlist, basically mainlining the story content and only stopping to do public quests, heroic adventures, and bounties. But even if you complete the story without talking to him, surely there must be another way to access the playlist? Anybody have any idea how to make the playlist active? I’ve gone to Zavala numerous times post-credits and not once has he activated the playlist. Am I missing something? Or is this a glitch?

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