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10/3/2018 7:21:13 AM

Why is it so hard to implement a solo pvp playlist ?

I'm asking a legitimate question ? Why ? It was in D1, I've had it up to my head with going up against stacked teams. Whether it 4,5 or 6 from quick play to gambit(IK gambit is 4 players). It is not fun, its the most frustrating thing about this game, that and the animal error codes. Its beyond me why TF they took it out. Seriously i would prefer a solo playlist than crucible labs who really plays that hmmm ill wait ! But i digress its infuriating to play just to get stomp by a 6 stack. Is there anyone @bungie that is a solo player that could back me up. I know I'm not the only one. I mean no disrespect but not everyone has a full friends list that automatically join when sent an invite. Im just asking on behalf of myself why can't solo players have a place where they don't have to go full sweats to have a little fun. I leave you with this not to be a hole but for at least a small look see into doing something for the solo player. Thanks if you took the time to read and God bless.

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