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10/2/2018 2:14:26 PM

Blind Well Matchmaking..

Blind Well Matchmaking


nah, its current state is good


I really dont care


I do love the blind well, however I do not like that I am 90% of the time alone in the instance, even IF i get 2 guys into my fire team it is still not enough to do things like t4.. this makes blind well not enjoyable and you guys expect us to go back to the thing every week? atleast make some sort of mm for it, or let us have an fireteam of 6? that would be an big improvement.. how come it was so easy to get people in the same instance for EP but not so with BW? every time I go in and out the instance, it seems like I just keep going into the same one. Sorry if my english is not that gr8, just wanted to share my opinion on blind well.

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