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10/1/2018 2:54:34 AM

Wasn't Hunting It, Got the Gambit Prime Evil Anyways. Warlock Zapped It. I'm Glad that....

...I didn't have to hunt that thing. So shoutout to all the , ahem...guardians out there destroying gambit games to find it. * I'll do the quest only because, i only have one new exotic in a month. Ill take whatever i can get.** [i]*TBH, i played roughly 5-7 shenaginagans, everyone was playing to win.[/i] [i]**I'm covered for handcannons anywho, because TRUST with rampage and 14 shots (modded) is....WOW. So is WAKING VIGIL with triple tap and dragonfly....oooooh sweet baby!!! [/i] happy shooting, RNG will be the death of us all!!!! :O

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