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Bearbeitet von ReclusiveRychu: 9/29/2018 9:39:44 PM

Please Keep Breakthrough in Rotation!

Yes, please make it permanent!


Yes, please keep it in rotation!


Nah, just leave it in the competitive playlist.


I freaking love love love this game mode! Please Bungie, don't hide Breakthrough away in competitive! By all means put it in the competitive playlist, but also keep it cycling through just like supremacy and doubles! I beg of you! And if you really want to make a Guardian like me happy, you'd move that Private Matches node around, and put Breakthrough as a permanent playlist just like rumble. This game mode is like the rift of Destiny 1, I loved that game mode with all my soul! Please I ask of you this one thing. Make Breakthrough a permanent playlist, or at least keep it in rotation. -Die hard fan

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