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9/25/2018 1:51:55 AM

REFORM CRUCIBLE:Sandbox mode is ironically limiting...

Bungie rolled out the sandbox update quite a long time ago if my memory serves me right. I and many other guardians have experienced the brunt full force of the shotgun and hand cannon meta ( with some pulse rifles in between)... In a mode where it was advertised to bring back old destiny pvp and release the shackles of weapon restrictions, why do I only see the above mentioned shotguns when I came expecting to be able to use any sort of gun ( I understand that some guns might just be better than others ) and still be able to do well with it. I'm just very dissatisfied on the terms of the only way to counter the meta is by using the meta... when in destiny on the ps4 I could use almost anything and actually have fun. I don't know how a mistake like this was actually made... Some basic solutions to some things ( open to anything or any ideas ): -Have special ammo boxes again to somewhat limit the ammo economy and special weapon spam -Compensate for the smaller map sizes by having 4v4 and 6v6 maps -Maybe make time to kill longer...? ( Idk ) -Feels like shotguns have a little too much range sometimes ( maybe just me complaining )

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