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Destiny 2

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9/13/2018 2:32:35 PM


Bungie, if you want destiny 2 to reach its full potential bring back the last word please what’s the most annoying thing in this game but still needs to be there: shotty warriors what’s the best counter to them: the LASTWORD. To be 100% honest with you I can not think of a time for fun in Gaming for me than running around with a last word and sniper in destiny 1, which I’m sure many people agree. Bungie, bungie, bungie, don’t F up I’m telling you it will make a lot of people and I mean a lot of people happy if you bring it back mabey even bring back people to destiny 2 period. Thanks for all the changes that we’re good in forsaken already keep the game how it is just bring back THELASTWORD. Sincerely, nReedn, Giantalmond, Realkraftyy, THELASTWORD.

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