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9/19/2018 2:13:23 AM

The Bungie Creative Community Contest [Written & Digital Art]

I've been wanting a Community Creative Contest from Bungie for a long while now, and as a concept artist myself, I understand coming up with idea's and concepts for in-game content can sometimes become daunting no matter how many people you have in the field, it's still hard to step out of the box and become unique in the aspect of reliability and well uniqueness. As a long time beta D1 player they have yet to deliver on to the aspect of allowing the community to donate back to the game with our own idea's/stories/experiences. Long story short, if you like the idea of Bungie giving the community a creative contest of any level give this post an upvote and maybe down the road Bungie might just give it to us. with that being said, if you are a Digital artist or Writer and have made something for destiny, Don't be afraid to leave a link or post below including your work. Thanks, guys.

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