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9/13/2018 9:05:58 PM

Exodus Crash strike bugs again

So last night I was playing in the legacy strike playlist and my first strike was the exodus crash strike. And things got really weard, first of all the light beams you have to collect took ages to spawn then the fallen walker didn't spawn so we had to load in to another area and go back but it took 5 mins and a lot of frame dropping to spawn the walker. Then we could not pass through the fallen blue shield to go to the boss room so we had to leave the area again and load in again. The most odd thing of al was that when I went into the boss room the enemies were not doing anything it seemed that I was invisible for them and the boss so my question to you guys is if you know that the Exodus Crash strike is glitched again or if its just me. Kind regarts sandythepandy69 playing on PS4

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