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A new players perspective about: Mats, Legendaries, MC

Dear Bungie, im one of the many ppl who are new and just started some weeks ago. I wanna leave a feedback here about things that make it hard for me to enjoy the content because i cant keep up with veteran players. But first i wanna say, i love your game. I never played a game which has so many things to offer. When im bored at pve i go pvp, where i have many different gamemodes. If im tired of that i can go to gambit or strike or alot of other stuff. But... i know you did a lot of changes with the release of forsaken because of inflation and other reasons. For new players like me its hard, realy hard to keep up with the people who are veterans. Here are some things i would love to see changed: [u]-Weapon materials:[/u] I use them to get more weapons, like everyone else. The problem is, if i farm hero events or strikes it takes almost 3-4 hours to rank up once. Maybe you could skale that down a little bit. [u]-Mastercores:[/u] Well, its a big topic at the moment. But i wanna tell you that the community is right in what they are saying. Wanna know how many MC i got in the past 2 weeks without buying them? 0... And because im new at this game i dont have legendary shards. I sit around 50 because i buy 1 MC every day. This leads us to the next topic i wanna talk about [u]-Legendary Shards:[/u] After 4-5 hours of farming i get ~50 max... which i have to use to get my daylie MC or push up gear to a higher level. Maybe im doing something wrong and im able to get hundrets of shards or MC a day if i farm right. So if you guys have a advice feel free to write it down below. Please keep in mind that this is how i see it from a new players perspective. Just try to imagine how hard it would be if u just started with d2. Anway. I hope you read this bungie. And sorry about the bad english. Not so good at it. See you ingame =)

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