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9/13/2018 12:02:35 AM

(PC) - NA | Discord | Warframe rooted Clan new to Destiny | Casual & Positive Vibes | Love the grind |

Hello Guardians! We are the [b]Veri Patroni[/b] (The old Guard in Latin). We are a 5 year old Warframe rooted clan that has expanded into other games, it now being Destiny 2! We're still a fairly new clan in D2, but we love he game and are excited about expanding the community to this game. We have a discord where we get together to game, and I usually lead everyone while Streaming. So even if you don't have a mic you can still know what's going on! Also, the admins, mods and I are open to feedback so if there are any missing features to make playing together and having a good time grinding just let us know in General or in DM's. [b]How to Apply:[/b] Simply search and apply to [url=]Veri Patroni[/url], and/or send a brief introduction about yourself in the General chat, or with a dm at me Discord: King Khada #0007 PS: We are nerds so we also have chat categories for many types of games, as well as anime. In addition, we are a mature server, but welcome anyone who can be respectful and knows how to have a good time. Our rules are generally just follow discord TOS and nothing NSFW, however lewds are allowed just not in excess. Looking forward to seeing new members, and please feel free to poke around, talk with us and ask what's up!

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