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12/7/2017 9:47:17 PM

Is Hunter Invisibility viable in PvP?

I don't see many hunters using their invisibility abilities in PvP, so I wasn't sure how well it worked. I picked up a Graviton Forfeit from the CoO DLC, and tried to set up my hunter as a void stealth character, doing what I can to ensure I could keep going invisible as much as I possibly can, even trying to use Rat King in doing so (so far not my fave gun in PvP). In doing this I realized something.....Invisibility is shit in PvP. In every instance when I go stealth and turn corners, I'm getting shot at by people at a decent distance away, making it always feel like I'm not invisible in the first place. After a few matches like this, I'm wondering what the exact point of invisibility is anyways. In PvE it's not very good, as you could easily just hide behind an object if you like, so I figured it would be a strong PvP focused attribute. It seems either I'm mistaken, or I'm missing something completely. Is anyone else having issues like this?

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