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Destiny 2

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9/11/2018 8:16:07 AM

Forums. For the love of the Queen.

I am quite the hypocrite, but who isn't? I am batty time from time, but not all the time. Why is it, that I come on here every day and see an appreciation post, only to spot toxicity? If you people are that deprived of happiness that you have to walk all over others, it's about damn time you go outside and make some friends. The lot of you are quite intolerable, and I'm only here wanting to see appreciation of what Bungie did right, that and to see if the beloved Prison of Elders makes a return. The forums are a place of constructive criticism and feedback, but the Destiny forums have been so atrocious as of late, it's ridiculous. Hate this, hate that. You ever what to share what you like? I am not one to bear the bad news, but have you thought it possible that Bungie might stop listening to us because of how we treat them? Not just that, but we constantly disrespect every idea they ever shed to us.
#destiny2 #forum

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