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9/10/2018 8:36:24 PM

No exotics after playing for hours on end.

Alright. I've played everyday from the moment I get up to the time I go to bed. I do every powerful gear quest that I can find. Still nothing. No random lucky exotic engram drops either. I dunno about all of you but I like when I get something for putting time and effort into something. I now have 2 characters, almost 3 with literally nothing to do until reset. You can't just take away EVERY way to get exotics either. Fated engrams? Sure, get rid of them. But leave the goddamn Three of Coins alone. Rare is good. But this is more like impossible to get anything at all. Argue with me all you like, call me a casual if that makes you feel better. But I'm tired of getting nothing when I'm working my ass off to do everything.

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