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9/4/2018 2:07:31 PM

So, I beat the new Raid...

So, luckily I was able to acquire an early download code for The Forsaken DLC from my cousin who has an aunt on his family's other side that works for a guy that has been employed at Microsoft for like twenty years so you know I'm being on the level here. Anyway, this code was an exclusive "Mythic Membership" code (not sure what it means), which is basically like a Beta for exclusive and elite members that gives access to all activities from the DLC at the same time because members that are invited are typically only those who are known to be extremely skilled at Destiny and are hand selected. (My stats back everything up). Okay so now that I've explained how I have access... On to the actual Raid details. So initially there is a large dark tunnel that you can't even see in. While you're in this tunnel it is entirely pitch black, and there is no light. Now when you're in the lightness tunnel you have to navigate your footwork accordingly otherwise because you're entirely blind in this darkness, and if you step on the wrong tile, arrows can shoot out of the walls and kill you. BUT if you walk on the appropriate tiles you'll find a glass case, and a special weapon will be made available to you to defeat the enemies in the next section. Following this, you'll encounter waves upon waves of bad guys in this huge dome. It's sort of like a fenced in dome bars and whatnot. You then have to ride your Sparrow around in circles and shoot for a really long time, and when all the bad guys are gone you get to move forward to the next stage which is actually the first boss. This part is super fun and I wont ruin it too much, but you basically have to climb up a huge castle like formation and fight a Hive creature. Once you defeat him he grows into an even larger Hive creature that has huge horns, and you'll have to time deflect a bunch of his attacks to be truly effective. After this is done, you have to jump back on your Sparrow and ride extremely fast while the area around you destabilizes. At this point there are enemies literally everywhere... Navigate around them and through all of the obstacles and you'll end up coming to a spot where it just so happens you can no longer use your Sparrow. Jump off your vehicle and head to the end of a ramp and jump in a portal, and your Ghost will say something cheesy like "Destiny... it's finished." As you jump through this Portal, you enter a new area where some rampant AI system is present. I wasn't sure of its origin but possibly a Warmind counterpart or one from an alternate reality thanks to the Vex possibly? Anyway a bunch of little Vex turrets spawn and you have to navigate through a system of portals and puzzles to find your way out of this stage. Turns out at the end of it the AI explains that it somehow possesses a memory of you from years ago and for whatever reason it retains some low-level of fondness for you. There are a few more stages that I'm sure people will want to discover for themselves, so I won't spoil much else for now. But it's fair to say Bungie has truly outdone themselves this time. As for my win? Worlds first baby!!! Put my name on a plaque! Boo-yeah. Oh yeah, and killing the Dragon at the end was a bit too easy. Still fun though. Fin

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