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Potential growth for Gambit? -> Gambit Games!

Yay for Gambit Games!


Nay for Gambit Games.


TL;DR - Skip to the paragraph before the numbered list or just the last part for the general idea. As someone who doesn't like PvP but can still hold their own in it, Gambit is a good idea to get both PvE and PvP players to play the same 'thing'. But during the free trial, I personally felt it might get repetitive quickly. If all we have are multiple maps to do the same 'run here kill that', I'm not sure how long it could be something I log on to play (it kind of already isn't). Rewards would make me play it of course but obviously they are going to be limited cause of Destiny's time-gated reward system so other than getting the weekly reward I probably wouldn't play it much except to help other friends do their weeklies or loot hunting. Also, the ammo limitations are very PvP feeling and annoying to PvE players but that's something minor I guess haha. Now that was just my look at it, a little simple, possibly soon to be repetitive and still more PvP feeling than a half and half. But as far as potential goes, an idea popped into my head when I played it. Why not add different 'games' to compete in? Instead of 'First to win 2' and doing the same thing up to 3 times (if you need a tiebreaker), why not have different games you compete in once each? Like : 1.) Sparrow racing (Team vs Team) Winners could either be first to cross or how many in whatever positions? 2.) Jump puzzle (Similar to any of the jump segments of Destiny 1/2 and/or Whisper quest) where each team has a mirrored version but can look across the room to the other side to see how the other team is doing. Either first to cross or whole team (might piss off people if there's a weakest link they have to wait for though). 3.) Hell, you can even go as far as mini games like a Bubble pop game using Golgoroths ceiling bubbles where we use Rocket launchers/Scorch cannons to bring them down and the other team can interfere by putting up small plates in the air to block our shots but have to choose where to place them before we shoot (as in they have to guess ahead of time). Also, any mode that doesn't let you directly invade and shoot the other teams players could instead have things you can shoot on their side to hinder them. Maybe the Jumping quest can have 'Wipeout' type obstacles the enemy team shoots to trigger with a cool-down? Team vs Team sparrow racing can have 'Split Second' type traps that they time/activate themselves using Sparrow energy or something new and/or have the map have its own automatic traps for everyone that no one controls? Obviously this is a lot of stuff and some may sound too much, but the general idea was to have multiple minigames inside Gambit, enough so that when you play Gambit, you wont know which 3 types youre gunna play. (IE: Out of 1 - 10 types of Gambit modes, you might get a match where you played 1, 4 and 6, next time you play is 10, 5, 8, Etc.) Just a thought~ Let the Gambit Games begin! -Insert Potato pic-

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