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8/29/2018 6:44:53 PM

Bungie Please read and help!

I was literally about to turn in the solstice quest when you guys shut down the server 6 minutes early, right as I finished my last crucible match for the armor! That's extremely unfair for me and others who rushed to get it done. I'm an extremely busy guy and haven't been able to play much but when I did I grinded and grinded to get this armor. You guys cut the servers early not allowing me to collect my triumph points to order my shirt and preventing from getting the legendary solstice armor. I can't believe you guys still don't have a support. Even local businesses have support set up nowadays. All the work I put in Destiny 2 for the last week was made obsolete because you pulled the plug. I know you guys don't care about 1 customer or even 100, but still this is just messed up and now I'm still extremely underleveled and can't even compete in raids and warmind protocols. And what about all the people who were seconds away from finishing a raid or quest and you guys cut them too! Please do something about this or contact me back!

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