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Bearbeitet von oceansforever: 8/23/2018 11:13:25 PM

[PS4] Kind People: Just because you are a female gamer doesn’t mean you should have to deal with toxic people

Right from the start we would like to say that we are recruiting men as well as women. If there are any robot or alien players out there the clan is open to you as well. The number one priority of our clan is to not have bad attitudes or toxic players in our clan. Our clan has many more female players than is typical for Destiny clans and we would like to see that continue. In addition to having female members we are also dedicated to having several female admins. Our clan is a safe place for women and all others. If you are a mellow person that does not like listening to yelling, arguing, and negativity in chat then this could be your clan. We also do not want to listen to people IRL berating their kids, partners, or parents in the background on chat. No immature people, trolls, neckbeards, constant sweaties, tryhards, racists, misogynists, alt right, new right, incels, or supremacists need apply. People will be beginners when they join the clan until a member or admin plays with them and vouches for their behavior. It is just a video game. Be chill. Have fun. Young and old are welcome but very young people should know that there is no clan rule against occasional swearing or mature topics in chat. NA-EU-AU

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