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8/18/2018 8:18:02 PM

Looking for Female Leaders to Join and Lead our Clan

We have a clan that is focused on having a positive clan culture. It is a clan without toxic players or bad attitudes. It is a safe clan for women and all others. We would ideally like to have several clan administrators be female. The clan has and will continue to recruit female members as well as males. If a female member has an issue that she wants to bring to the attention of the clan administrators we want her to be able to go to a female administrator if she wants and we want there to be more than one or two for her to choose from. If you are a woman or girl that thinks you would fit in well with our clan and might be interested at some point in being an administrator we want you! Even if you don't think you would ever want to be an administrator if you think you would fit with our clan we want you as a regular member. We are recruiting males as well of course. But seeing as a large majority of gamers are male we anticipate finding male administrators from within the clan easily. The clan is very new but is growing quickly. We feel that many people are looking for a clan just like ours. NA-EU-AU

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