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7/28/2018 10:54:23 AM

Insignificant Question, Bungie.

Hey Bungie! I, like alot of people on the forums, am excited for Forsaken. It's bigger than The Taken King, there's 8 Barons to hunt, epic new exotics And a Weapon Slot OVERHAUL!... [i]HOWEVER[/i] I just have ONE question. I'm a Fusion Rifle Main, been so since D1. I haven't seen it confirmed anywhere, and I'm getting desperate for an answer... So Bungie... [u]Is it possible to have a Triple Fusion Loadout?[/u] Kinetic: Fusion Rifle, Energy: Fusion Rifle, Power: Linear Fusion Rifle. The reason I ask, is because i've been [i]wishing[/i] for it to be a thing ever since i got my first Fusion. I know this queztion does'nt matter in the grand scheme of things, but I'd still like to know. Sincerly, A Fusion Rifle Mega-Fan.

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