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7/27/2018 4:36:25 PM

Thoughts on Warlocks and why almost nobody plays them in PvP

I wanted to share some experiences about the Warlock. I think there is a few things that could be improved (not necesserily buffed in damage or ability, but rather augmented), to make the warlock class more viable in pvp. About me: I am a Warlock main since the first month of D1. The Warlock is my most played chracter of all games ever played! 🤪 1.) Animations: The Warlocks Animations take way too long! Some examples are the NovaBomb-Throw, Sky Dive on Dawnblade and especially the rift! Those Animations need to be speed up! Especially after the go fast update, this feels even more like a handicap! A controversial one would be [b]blink[/b]! The Problem with blink IMO is, you basically give up your vertical space-playstyle for a more ground based-playstyle and you are kinda still at an disadvantage. People see your-blinktrail and can shoot it. I can't tell how many times on my screen I blinked around the corner and the guy still killed me by shooting my initial spot. I don't really know how to balance thisone though without making it OP, [i]so I'd like to hear your suggestions![/i] 2.) Axion bolts: I don't see why they are not faster or do instantaneus damage line the other bolt-grenades. They are so slow, everyone can avoid them or hunters can even dodge them completely ... Speed up their projectiles speed! They are not too strong and their damage is not higher than arcbolt, which can chain at instant speed over rather large distances. 3.) Evades during Supers: This is a more controversial one but IMO Evades such as Ionic blink or Icarus Dash should not eat up your super gauge! The super usage is already pretty draining on Stormcaller and Dawnblade and using those evades feels kinda punishing to me. Maybe make them use less (about half) of what they use now?! Just food for thought. [b]TLDR[/b] Speed up the Warlocks generell Animation speed to make them feel more fluid in their gameplay and bring them back to PvP! Also speed up axion bolt seekers!!!! I think that would be a first step to make Warlocks feel more viable again! Please comment what you think about this. Have a good one! Zero

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