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8/1/2018 11:30:44 AM

PvP For PvE Player

Hi. Could we please start having a alternative to PvP requirements for event items and sutch. As a PvE player im realy enjoying destiny 2. beeing forced to do hours and hours of pvp is just not fun at all. Starting to feel more like work. And im pretty sure whoever ends up on my team gets equaly frustrated with having me on the team as i am Utter garbage at PvP. I do realize that you want people to try pvp. and some pvp is fine but this event and the Hours of pvp Grind i will have to do to get the armor is Insane. Basicly after a few hours my thoughts on the game is that it is garbage and i have to remind myself that i do have fun when doing raids and sutch and to "suck it up" and get trough it. I am writing this as i am Trying to complete the First "challenge" in pvp that is getting the super kills. and im getting between 0-2 super kills a match and about 1 super activation each match. As i finaly finished that one i was thinking i "Hate this game". While that is of course not true. I did go on to Browse steam to see if there where any games i wanted to play thats comming out soon. As a Final note this is not a "Fix or I leave" post. As you would not notice even if i did :) But more of a This is how I as a PvE player feel During "forced" pvp. I would much rather do 50h of Mind boggling Lost sector grinds with full renown than do 1 hour of PvP Thanks for Reading my Rant and Hope you have a good day :) Thormodor Arashimoto

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