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7/29/2018 11:46:37 PM

[XB1/PS4/PC] Multi-platform Clan Now Recruiting Members Globally! Join xAx Today!!

If you're interested in a very active clan, xAllegiancex is always recruiting new members!! Now with about 1800+ members worldwide and more than 22 divisions, there's always someone to game with as our roster continues to expand. We have divisions in the States, UK, England, Europe, Australia, and the Asia Pacific region. We are a Bungie featured global Destiny community, currently on XB1 and PS4, whose primary goal is to help anyone and everyone we possibly can. No matter the time zone, there's always raids and pvp matches. All players welcomed no matter your experience!! [u][b]Bungie Feature:[/b][/u] ... -Clans--xAllegiancex [u]xAx Events & what we offer:[/u] * Leviathan raid, and raid trainings * Leviathan prestige raid, and raid trainings * Raid Lair Eater of worlds raid, and training * Nightfalls normal and prestige •Training raids for those new to raiding. •Speedrun raids, flawless raids... •Crucible events (quickplay/competitive), PvP tournaments... •Casual / Hardcore Trials of The nine [u]Joining Our Clan[/u] To be apart of this great community, please visit us at and follow the instructions on home page, specifically registering a member user account on our site. This is important to gain access to our Event Calendar and participate. Make sure you mention <shadomatic> in the recruitment application form. Thank You. Hope to see you all soon!! [b]xAx Southeast Admin / PSN:[/b] shadomatic

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