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7/23/2018 2:28:25 AM

Story missions are now being monitized

like it or not and feel free to disagree the whisper is classifed as a story mission. eververse has items that can ild be bought with money and specically connect to the mission. If this is the future of destiny 2 then im out and bungie can 🤔 do one? No the fact the gave us a mission doesnt justifiy an evervese purchase those ornaments should have been a reward for completing the quest. Is this what september and the "annual pass" have in store for those that have to pay for it just more monitozing and paywalls? im done with this shit i had such a good weekend grinding this quest with my clan, it was an amazing time with everyone but as per usual bungie is standing waiting at the door on the way out shaking its already full money box asking for donations so they can give us weapons we already obtained 3 years ago and have now paid for twice or even 3 times. enough is enough already can we not just have one day? one quest? one time where your not asking us for money after making us pay basically £90 for a full game anyway. yes its only a weapon ornament and i dont have a problem with many other ornaments other than the acrius one. no it shouldn't be sold as another "option" it should have been a reward for the quest were being made to grind out for items we already owned/paid for 3 times over. i wanna play this game, my clan and friends want to play this game but time and time agaim bungie continue to insensanlty push players away or alienate people by putting up paywalls. oranments are fine for most exotics but if its a quest weapon/armor or raid weapon/exotic it should be otainable through grinding but hey who cares anyway ornaments could have been a cool gameplay feature that unlocked a differnet appearance for uour weapon omce you finished its masterwork, but no you just designed another way to make people pay for things that should be gameplay rewards.

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