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Bearbeitet von JButler9182: 7/20/2018 5:36:25 PM

Renown is a TERRIBLE, BUGGY system.

Since no one clearly has told Bungie yet, I will. The renown system is absolutely awful. It’s an interesting concept, and could’ve been used very effectively, but it has been executed so terribly poorly. It’s buggy, repetitive, annoying, and frankly just boring. I’m surprised nearly NOTHING has been done to improve this system. Why is it we need to get 4+ stacks of renown to get any amount of tokens worth even mentionining, but it’s next to impossible to maintain? You get into a lost sector, 5 stacks of renown ready to redeem, and you get blown up by those “enemy supply” thingies, 10 feet from the chest. Those things should have been removed after the first faction rally, Bungie! You used those for tokens, removed the token drops from them, and left them there! That’s lazy! Half the time, an enemy throws an explosive or shoots the thing, the other half one of my grenades or an exploding enemy I killed blows it up. Not to mention, it is very difficult to stay alive with 5 stacks of renown, let alone these things blowing up randomly. Also, has anyone else experienced a disgusting bug, where if you are down, and an activity which you would obtain renown from (public events, patrols, enemy supplies) is completed, then instead of gaining the renown respective to that activity, you instead lose renown because of it? I think it’s because you lose 1 renown on death (a stupid idea, considering how difficult it is to stay alive) so the game thinks that it should be subtracting the renown you should’ve gained, instead of adding it. This seasons rallies are just so boring. Sure, the rewards for each faction are great, but they straight up said at the beginning of the season we all only have 1 shot at each catalyst. So, shouldn’t this season have been the easiest for farming tokens? Nope. Bungie made it the absolute hardest. Don't call me a bad player, or say something like “Git gud” because I shouldn’t be sweating at a lost sector. I shouldn’t have to take 5+ minutes to complete a lost sector because I have to kill every single enemy and be cautious about every single turn. It’s far too late to really do anything about this awful system now, but I was hoping other players would’ve reported about it by now. Please, Bungie, don’t make the same stupid mistakes you’ve made with renown. EDIT: I forgot to include another exponential bug. The renown-token scalar is ridiculous. At 5 stacks, you get 10 tokens. 2 tokens per stack, right? No. At 3 stacks, you get 4. At least, I do. At 4 stacks, I get 6-8. The scalar is awful. I’m guessing it’s a bug? Further proving my point renown is terribly executed and buggy.

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