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Bearbeitet von SierraAstaelion: 7/18/2018 5:56:37 PM

D2 is becoming a chore again.

I’m not against grind. I’m against boring grind. * The numbers grind is entirely too slow right now, it’s the same old activities over and over, and there’s no new loot being discovered in the process. AKA [i][b]Boring[/b][/i] * Faction rallies are far too much to grind out in a single week. I already anticipated getting only 1 catalyst this season... level 50 in 1 week might not be so bad if the activities were more interesting... or more rewarding, but by the 20th lost sector you’re almost rooting for the boss to end your agony. AKA [b][i]Boring[/i][/b] * News of exotic catalysts being locked behind prestige raids with no increase drop rates per clear, is even more of a deterrent for people like me who can only play an hour at a clip... In other words, none of the interesting new activities, loot, or catalysts are within a reasonable reach for someone who doesn’t have several hours to learn how to do each encounter... and even if you do there’s no increased drop rate for catalysts on each clear... which means even if I did find the time to do a raid, let alone a prestige raid, my one clear won’t give me any better chance of finding that catalyst the next time I finally get a chance to raid... so I’m stuck with the same repeated activities and duplicate loot. AKA [i][b]Boring[/b] [/i] To clarify, I play the game many hours a week, but not all at once... that doesn’t make me a casual, it just makes certain activities (that I wish I could play) out of my reach... even escalation protocol takes too long to get a team together for, so it’s very difficult to engage with... the numbers grind makes this even more annoying since allegedly a team of 3 at 385 can do it... which I think is false but whatever... the point is, trying to grind out levels is annoyingly slow and means doing the same old missions over and over until you can finally reach a reasonable power level to do something more interesting.

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