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7/18/2018 3:56:51 PM

The game is still so rigid, it needs to open up

Despite not being big on raids, I played D1 quite a bit. I finally purchased D2 almost 2 months ago, and it still feels so rigid to me. I like the milestones and the ability to fully level up without doing raids, despite that it’s still quite the grind. The thing that I don’t understand is that they have these sizable play areas in each of these planets, and they don’t utilize them beyond linear story mission areas and the basic public “shared world” aspect of the game. I propose the idea to open the game up by using these planets for strikes and what I’ll call “casual raids” instead of replaying story missions and replaying the exact same raid every week. Strikes Basically, matchmaking would match 3 people and then drop just them on the planet. “We’ve been seeing increased (insert enemy species here) activity and we need you to check it out.” The team completes a series of 3 randomized objectives that the game chooses out of several, and then finishes it off with a boss. All themed to what’s going on the planet. The objective order would be different each time, in different places each time, and there would several different boss types that could be encountered. Each planet has appropriately themed exclusive gear that could be unlocked. “Casual raids” This would be basically the same thing as above, but with 6 players and with slightly harder and slightly more complex objectives, and a harder boss. Same reward system. I just want to see variance. An attempt to avoid the rigid, repetitious nature of the current game. I think they should also open up the Leviathan to the public, add bounties and patrols and a vender with gear. Add a bi-weekly or even monthly activity of “defending the tower” where 6 players are matched up to fend off increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Unique gear rewards.

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