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7/10/2018 4:55:29 AM

Destiny: Story Time With Kasei

Recently I shared about my disability and how it affects me in Destiny but I was inspired to sort of open up and share what Destiny has done for me (: (because it has done a metric heck ton) For those of you who haven't read my precious post I am deaf and suffer from schizophrenia, but I will try to make this post not about me and more about this game. Destiny saved my life, I don't care about those people who say the game is dead. The game is and always has been alive for me. I started Y1 about House of Wolves and after Rise of Iron took a year break and am back now. Growing up I had a not so good child hood, parents were well off but not really caring, forced me to be something I wasn't, ended up getting into drugs. I ended up being locked in my room by my parents for "forced" rehabilitation. It was the worst 3 months of my life but I had 3 things. Xbox, credit card, and my phone. I discovered Destiny and it took a messed up person like me and finally put joy into my life. This is why I don't take this game for nothing, this is why I don't hate on the devs. The world needs more love than hate, I am just excited for Foresaken and hope they add more accessibly for the hearing impaired. Thanks for hearing my story, and thank you to Ben who inspired me with his post to tell my story.

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